"The journey of a thousand miles begins with
a single step," Lao Tzu
Lisa Borchardt
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Girls Gone Strong"
Published article about Domestic Violence/IPV

  Hello, Friends:

  Late last year I was approached by the advisory board of "Girls Gone Strong" to write an article about Domestic 
  Violence/Intimate Partner Abuse. This is a new community that I have been introduced to and I believe in the work
  they are doing. I want to support them and those they reach so I accepted their request.

  Please check out the GGS Facebook page or website and become a friend (if so moved) as I have.

  I wish you the best,


   "Celebrate Your Core & Honor the Rings"
Father's Day Message 2015 at First Plymouth Church, Lincoln, NE

Today is a day to rejoice! Specific days are designated as milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, mother's & father's day, etc.) and we praise those we are uplifting. However, not all who encounter these events experience happiness, some are immersed in sorrow. Lisa will share about celebrating your core while honoring those removed from the central celebration, and she will include thoughts that will aid in transitioning through the tough life events we survive.    

About Lisa and Journey Through Living

ney Through Living is a venture started by Lisa Borchardt in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in her 23rd year of practice. She continues to assist, counsel, and empower victims & survivors of disheartening life events. Lisa walks along side individuals experiencing loss and grief. She helps people identify the tangible and intangible losses they have suffered, release pain, and focus on healthy healing & hope.

Lisa is a tenured and Full Professor of Social Work at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She received the honor of being named Hometown Social Worker in 2014 and Social Worker of the Year in 2009 by the National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter.
She earned the Diversity Advocate award in 2003 & 2010, and she was presented the Advocate for Women's Issues award in 2010 from Nebraska Wesleyan University. In September 2014, Lisa was selected as 1 of 15 speakers for Ignite Lincoln 6, where she delivered her speech, “Scars Are Stories...Share Yours!”

Lisa's philosophy is to use a strengths based approach with others. She educates, advocates, challenges, and supports individuals as they are seeking their truth. Lisa uses accountability and validation to move people through feelings toward transformation of authentic self during their unique life journey.

Lisa Borchardt facilitates small group conversations, individual counseling, and workshops. She delivers presentations and trainings at professional conferences, churches, and for various community organizations. Lisa is also available as a keynote speaker.

Journey Through Living offers three services; "Couch Conversations"™ are small groups involving you and your support system. Couch Conversations include education and support from the facilitator and those you invite to participate. Individual counseling is available to enhance capacity for personal and social functioning, assisting with personal adjustment to crisis and transition, and education about creating and sustaining personal change. Workshop presentations are available to be delivered to businesses, agencies, civic & religious groups, campus organizations & classrooms, or any gathering of people. Please see the "services offered" page for descriptions of workshop presentations.

Welcome to Journey Through Living

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Please contact Lisa to arrange a speaking engagement, "Couch Conversations"™, individual counseling, and/or a workshop for your large or small group. You may choose from a specific presentation listed under "services offered" on this website, or Lisa will work with you to develop a training to meet your group or organization's needs and resources. Lisa is available to discuss all aspects of your requested workshop and will quote you a fee after gathering the necessary information.

Thank you for visiting my website. It is my wish that you are nurturing your soul and allowing your inner light to radiate hope to all you encounter.

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