Lisa Borchardt earned a Bachelors of Social Work from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver. She was baptized and confirmed in the United Church of Christ and is now working towards licensure and ordination within her home denomination. The UCC’s mission of justice, peace and inclusiveness influenced Lisa’s decision to choose social work as a career. As a licensed clinical social worker she serves, advocates for, and counsels individuals experiencing disheartening life events such as; abuse/neglect, death, food insecurity, loss & grief, relationship violence and incarceration. She is a Professor of Social Work at Nebraska Wesleyan University, and will serve part-time as an Associate Minister at First Plymouth Church.

My decades of service as a social worker, combined with my lived experiences and healing journey have called me to create a ministry around #thequietchristian. I envision #thequietchristian movement as a community that provides a safe space filled with grace and humility for voices to be heard, opportunities for individuals to rumble with reconciliation, or (for those so moved) the support to reclaim aspects of faith & spirituality.

#thequietchristian includes any individual who has felt silenced, rejected or discriminated by individuals, scripture/religion, policy/institutions, etc. is reconciling their faith/religion, seeking spirituality/religion, a religious/ spiritual ally, someone living their faith humbly (leading by living life), living/leading with love and compassion.

Lisa's personal mission statement "Inspire.Believe.Love." moves her through each day, and when it is time for self care Lisa can be found on the volleyball court, golf course, or in a kayak.​​

Professor of Social Work at Nebraska Wesleyan University

Lincoln, Nebraska


 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Lao-Tzu

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Lisa Borchardt is a tenured and Full Professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She received the honor of being named Social Worker of the Year in 2020 and Hometown Social Worker in 2014 by the National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter. She earned the Diversity Advocate award in 2010 & 2003, and she was presented the Advocate for Women's Issues award in 2010 from Nebraska Wesleyan University. 

​Lisa's current research interest includes loss and grief in sports and the Yazidi population. She has conducted two qualitative research projects during the past three years. During the 2017-2018 academic year Lisa conducted an IRB approved research study about loss, grief, and strengths in the lives of the student athlete at NWU. "Loss in Division III Sports: A Photovoice Narrative of Loss and Grief in Student-Athletes at Nebraska Wesleyan University" produced eight themes from the study providing insight for faculty, staff, coaches, student-athletes, and parents. Lisa was accepted to present her innovative research at the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports Annual Conference in Orlando, Fl., she was named the NWU 2018-2019 Faculty Scholar of the Year, and continues to present her research locally and regionally at conferences, to civic organizations, sports teams & coaches, and constituents on campus.

In the fall of 2019 Lisa collaborated with Dr. Michelle Johnson, RN, conducting a research project with Yazidi women. The IRB approved research study, "Exploring Linking Objects and the Mourning Process Experienced by Yazidi Women" produced four themes (transgenerational fear, being silenced, equality & freedom, and new life) providing great insight into the ways health care professionals can work together on interdisciplinary teams to support individuals in this population on their grief journeys. Professor Borchardt & Dr. Johnson were accepted to present their research at the 2020 North American Refugee Health Conference.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Journey Through Living, LLC

Lincoln, Nebraska



Journey Through Living is a venture started by Lisa Borchardt in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in her 28th year of practice. She continues to assist, counsel and empower victims & survivors of disheartening life events. Lisa walks along side individuals experiencing loss and grief. She helps people identify the tangible and intangible losses they have suffered, release pain and focus on healthy healing & hope. 

Lisa's philosophy is to use a strengths based approach with others. She educates, advocates, challenges and supports individuals as they are seeking their truth. Lisa uses accountability and validation to move people through feelings toward transformation of authentic self, during their unique life journey. 

Lisa Borchardt facilitates small group conversations, individual consultations, workshops, sermons, and training's. She delivers presentations and classes at professional conferences, churches, and for various community organizations. 

In September 2014, Lisa was selected as 1 of 15 speakers for Ignite Lincoln 6, where she delivered her speech, “Scars Are Stories...Share Yours!” 

Contact Lisa to discuss potential opportunities for: speaking engagements, workshops, individual counseling, group facilitation, or as a keynote speaker.
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Associate Minister at First Plymouth Church, UCC

Lincoln, Nebraska