Lisa Borchardt facilitates small group conversations, individual counseling, and workshops. She delivers presentations and training's at professional conferences, churches, and for community organizations and agencies. Lisa is also available as a keynote speaker.

Journey Through Living offers three services:

Couch Conversations™
Couch Conversations© are small groups involving you and your support system. Couch Conversations™ include education and support from the facilitator and those your invite to participate. Couch Conversations™ last 60-90 minutes and will be held in your home or at a location you desire. No more than eight and no less than four participants will be allowed per Couch Conversations™. Mileage will be charged for travel out of the Lincoln city limits. I look forward to facilitating these conversations outside Lincoln and beyond Nebraska. As such, I am willing to work with small groups regarding the complete cost for travel. Insurance not accepted.

Individual Counseling
Individual consultation is offered on a short term basis. The one hour meeting includes; discussion about enhancing capacity for personal and social functioning, assisting with personal adjustment to crisis and transition, and education about creating and sustaining personal change. Insurance not accepted.

Please contact Lisa to arrange a speaking engagement, "Couch Conversations"™, individual counseling, and/or a workshop for your large or small group. You may choose from a specific presentation on this website, or Lisa will work with you to develop a training to meet your group or organization's needs and resources. Lisa is available to discuss all aspects of your requested workshop and will quote you a fee after gathering the necessary information.

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Services Offered

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Workshop Presentations

"Scars are Stories...Share Yours!"©
Scars mark the chapters of our lives. Learn about the different types of scaring and the importance of sharing your story. A journey from physical scars evoking joy all the way to the emotional scars that induce harmful thoughts, feelings, and healing will be explored. A discussion about grief and mourning to move toward authentic living will be included.

"Loss, Grief and Mourning"©
A workshop that will distinguish death from tangible and intangible losses, define carried grief and how to heal it, define mourning and provide examples; and discuss my loss diagram, and how unacknowledged grief leads to unhealthy choice making.
"Celebrating Life & Preparing for Loss"©
A presentation focusing on learning about and appreciating life, loss, grief and death. Participants will engage in conversations about how daily choices affect individual lives. Discussions of positive psychology, happiness, strengths and the Companioning Model will occur. The grieving process, disenfranchised grief, strategies for coping with loss and information on the care giving role will be addressed.

"Healthy Relationships & Boundary Setting"©
A discussion about types of relationships, healthy relationship tips, communication styles, boundary setting, power & control wheel, equality wheel, and ideas on how to have a healthy love of self. To love others in a healthy way, each person must have unconditional love of self.



"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Lao-Tzu

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