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 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Lao-Tzu


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#thequietchristian movement

My decades of service as a social worker, combined with my lived experiences and healing journey have called me to create a ministry around #thequietchristian. I envision #thequietchristian movement as a community that provides a safe space filled with grace and humility for voices to be heard, opportunities for individuals to rumble with reconciliation, or (for those so moved) the support to reclaim aspects of faith & spirituality.
#thequietchristian includes any individual who has felt silenced, rejected or discriminated by individuals, scripture/religion, policy/institutions, etc. is reconciling their faith/ religion, seeking spirituality/religion, a religious/ spiritual ally, someone living their faith humbly (leading by living life), living/leading with love and compassion.

I feel in the depths of my soul I am being called to be the bridge between the church and people who identify as #thequietchristian, and I am grateful I have the support to create a worship service and community around this concept. 


"I met Lisa when she directed a First Plymouth Grief Club. Lisa helped me.  She arranged the group setting to help us share how we were coping with our losses, yet not to compare or 'one up' experiences.  Lisa gently encouraged us to tell our stories. We safely laughed and cried together.  Her guidance to 'go through the grief' helped me to not shun sadness and to try to be insightful about it.  Our discussions were about the individual nature of our healing, the many 'right' ways to do it. I made some friends in these groups. We continue to quote Lisa and refer to her techniques and summaries. Lisa helped me. I'm stronger, more durable."
~Phyllis A., Lincoln, Nebraska

“Someone once observed that the longest journey a person will undertake in life is the distance between the head and the heart. Lisa Borchardt has clearly made the round trip. Her work is the beautiful expression of a searching intellect and an emotional adept. She illumines the human experience – with its glories and struggles – while providing practical and inspirational ways for the person to soar. She is a gifted speaker who knows how to delight and challenge an audience. Laughter and tears abound when Lisa takes you on life’s journey.”
~ Dr. Rev. Jim Keck, Senior Pastor
First Plymouth, UCC  

“Lisa Borchardt’s presentation on compassion fatigue was both uplifting and insightful for the hospice team. So much of the work done in hospice care requires a pouring out of self, and oftentimes staff becomes weary and run down. Lisa’s presentation to the hospice team gave an encouraging perspective on self-care for one of the most spiritually and emotionally draining fields in the medical care industry. Her self-assessment tools were helpful for staff to step back and observe how the very important work we do impacts our beings. Lisa’s information and presence gave our team a sense of renewal.”
~ Caitlin Mason, Bereavement Coordinator
Tabitha Health Care

“Lisa led our staff in an exercise to recognize unsafe ways that people deal with grief and how to help them out of unhealthy coping mechanisms. She spoke about healthy healing and what coping with grief in a healthy way should look like. Lisa is a presenter who is positive and entertaining, but wise and knowledgeable at the same time. She engaged our entire staff by being energetic, authentic, and humorous. Lisa presented to our group with poise and a deep knowledge on the topic of loss and grief. I would highly recommend Lisa Borchardt for trainings related to loss and grieving.”
~ Melissa Rogers, Human Resources Coordinator 
Friendship Home

“On behalf of the National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter, I would like to thank you for presenting at our 2016 Annual Conference. Your presentation contributed greatly to the great attendance this year. Thank you for joining us in this important work of celebrating social work.”
~ Terry Werner, Executive Director
National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter